Domain Invest acquires Call.Me

Domain Invest (DI SA) a leading company in the internet domain name […]

April 6, 2010

Domain Invest (DI SA) a leading company in the internet domain name monetization, acquires the domain name Call.Me, which will become one of the first virtual telephone booths. Call.Me will enable visitors to call online from the website any landline or mobile phone worldwide without having to install any software.
“The Internet is a virtual world which, by all means, should have a virtual telephone booth. It’s simple, but brilliant,” notes Natasa Djukanovic, Marketing and Sales Director of the .ME Registry. “The dot-ME domain, Call.Me, is perfect example of how our extension can be used as a call to action. We are thrilled to see this kind of technically advanced, easy-to-use service offered with a dot-ME name.”
Domain Invest operates a targeted online media business. The company owns and acquires thousands of undervalued internet domain names, with the aim of monetizing the traffic they receive through advertising.
DI SA invests in highly valuable media assets: internet domain names, the real estate of the Internet. The Company focuses essentially on premium generic domain names, such as,,, DI SA has also recently centralized a large portfolio of “health” domain names, from healthy living practices to infections or diseases related names:,
Frederick Schiwek, Managing Director of DI SA concludes, “We own large portfolio of domain names targeting specific BlogPosts and fields of interest. The acquisition of for examlple is essential as the name has a strong meaning and the .ME extension has gained great success and largely appealed to companies, organizations and also personal sites, for its marketing potential and also innovativeness”.
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