Deutsche Börse selects IBM messaging technology for use in its future trading infrastructure

Deutsche Börse Group has selected IBM high speed messaging technology […]

August 25, 2009

Michael Kuhn, Deutsche BörseDeutsche Börse Group has selected IBM high speed messaging technology to become part of its all new technology infrastructure. The new infrastructure will be the backbone for all of the Group’s exchanges. It will be enhanced with customized applications to meet the unique needs of each of its marketplaces Eurex, ISE and Xetra. The International Securities Exchange (ISE) in New York will be the first market to migrate its options exchange to the new common infrastructure, rollout will be in late 2010.

Based on IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging, the new backbone will help Deutsche Börse Group stay ahead of its demanding and ever-increasing speed, capacity and stability requirements.

“Our key objective is to deliver a leading-edge, accurate and reliable transaction backbone, building on our track record of innovation as a first-mover in electronic markets. Deutsche Börse is committed to augmenting its IT capacity with best-in-class partners”, said Dr. Michael Kuhn, CIO of Deutsche Börse AG.

“Using IBM’s low-latency technology Deutsche Börse’s new backbone will provide users of Eurex, ISE and Xetra with a platform for the future, capable of processing over one million quotes per second across the system at sub-milliseconds,” commented June Felix, General Manager, IBM Banking and Financial Markets. “This deal with Deutsche Börse is among the first in a wave of interest in IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging from exchanges, investment banks, hedge funds, and other capital markets firms across the globe, as they all seek to manage increasing business demands in terms of speed, throughput and efficiency.”

Customers across Deutsche Börse Group’s exchanges will benefit from superior performance combined with best in class reliability. Additionally, the three exchange platforms Eurex, ISE and Xetra will be able to react quickly to demands for technology upgrades. The new backbone will also help to realize synergies across the Group, significantly lower maintenance costs and enhance expansion opportunities into new markets and asset classes.

The new infrastructure has been developed leveraging the combined expertise of Deutsche Börse Systems and ISE. On top of the IBM high speed messaging technology, Deutsche Börse has defined application-specific modules to take into account the diverse requirements of its different market operations which include Eurex, ISE and Xetra. The modular design offers optimum support for future expansions to accommodate new functions and business opportunities and reduces their technical development times.

Deutsche Börse Group will be one of the first organizations to benefit from the enhanced functionality of IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging Version 2.2. Indeed as part of its close collaboration with Deutsche Börse Group, IBM included certain new features in the latest version of its ultra-low-latency messaging transport specifically at the request of Deutsche Börse.

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