Deutsche Börse links majors financial centres via redundant 10 Gbps connections

As part of the planned introduction of the new Eurex […]

February 22, 2012

Michael Kuhn, Deutsche BörseAs part of the planned introduction of the new Eurex trading system in December 2012, Deutsche Börse will be gradually expanding its global network in the next few months. The financial centres of Amsterdam, Frankfurt/Main, London, Paris and Zurich will in future be linked via redundant 10 Gbps connections. The links to other locations in Europe, the USA and Asia will be upgraded to 1 Gbps. The expansion project started in early February 2012 and should be completed in Q4 2012.

“After having successfully introduced our global trading infrastructure at our US options market International Securities Exchange, we are now taking the next logical step in Europe,” said Michael Kuhn, Deutsche Börse AG’s Chief Information Officer. “Our global customers will benefit from the expansion of our high-speed network. At the same time we are laying the foundations for our company’s further growth.”

The focus of the expansion is on the two parameters optimisation of latency and highest possible system stability. The further upgraded network will link the world’s most important financial centres with Deutsche Börse Group’s trading systems and the co-location data centre in Frankfurt. Deutsche Börse’s approximately 140 co-location users will benefit from this offering in particular.

Deutsche Börse’s expansion plans benefit from Frankfurt’s excellent infrastructure as a location for information technology and as a network hub. For example, Deutsche Börse’s co-location data centre is connected to DE-CIX, the world’s largest internet peering point with 400 participants from over 45 countries. Frankfurt is also home to the largest and most important telecommunications node in Europe.

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