Deutsche Bank takes the first step in global roll-out of BCS Integrity

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August 13, 2008

Business Control Solutions, provider of management consultancy services and operational control software to the financial services sector, announced on July, 29th, that Deutsche Bank has commenced its global roll-out of BCS Integrity in its Asia-Pacific branches.

This software solution improves financial control and reduces operational costs by managing and centralising the account substantiation processes. Its deployment in Deutsche Bank’s Asia-Pacific branches is the first phase of a global project, which will ultimately span 40 countries, 3,000 users and more than two million accounts.

“This implementation is testament to just how seriously Deutsche Bank takes its financial control. Moreover, it demonstrates the bank’s commitment to constantly driving control improvements, while reducing operational costs,” said Nigel Walder, CEO of Business Control Solutions. “As this roll-out continues, we remain focused on further developing Integrity with the aim of it becoming the industry’s de facto account substantiation solution.”

Having been a long-term client of BCS Operational Control Architecture (OCA), which monitors control hotspots and highlights issues as they arise, Deutsche Bank chose to deploy its newly developed financial control software, BCS Integrity. This provides users with full visibility of accounts, and can quickly and easily generate intra-day management information reporting. The system, which also supports offshore operations, provides detailed audit reports documenting all account activity.

BCS Integrity’s functionality enables the user to standardise its reporting processes around account substantiation, track and manage account ownership more efficiently, as well as consolidate data across a variety of systems in multiple locations on a single platform. It also provides the user with increased connectivity between different operational functions, allowing easier identification of problem areas.

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