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April 24, 2023

For every organization data and its related infrastructure is constantly evolving. As a result, enterprise data will always remain distributed across multiple systems and locations, in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The Denodo Platform offers a logical approach to data integration and management, giving every organization the flexibility to evolve their data strategies to migrate to the cloud, create a data services marketplace or logically unify data warehouses and data lakes for analytics, without affecting business continuity. The Denodo Platform also accelerates data provisioning through reduced data replication, enables consistent security and governance across multiple systems, and gives your business users the flexibility to choose their preferred applications.


Logical First Strategy for Agile Data-Driven Business Transformation

Denodo advocates a logical approach to data management and integration. The logical approach is a vision of a unified data delivery platform that abstracts access to multiple data systems for business consumers, hiding the complexity and exposing the data in business friendly formats, while at the same time guaranteeing the delivery of data according to predefined semantics and data governance rules. The logical approach to data integration and data management supporting data fabric, data mesh and data hub architectures is realized by data virtualization.

Data virtualization maximizes the value of data assets to organizations by abstracting complexity and enabling higher productivity

  • Fast, real-time access to all of your data through any analytics tool or data APIs without having to move or copy it
  • Rapid development, low maintenance, flexible data delivery and management while providing end-to-end visibility
  • Self-service discovery and access to data with governance and security


Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform is the industry’s only data integration and management platform, powered by data virtualization, that offers all the capabilities necessary to build a data fabric, data mesh or a data hub. It provides a common semantics layer to expose data more quickly to business, a dynamic data catalog for semantic search and enterprise-wide data governance, industry leading query acceleration supported by machine learning, automated infrastructure management for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios, embedded data preparation capabilities for self-service analytics, better privacy and com- pliance, greater automation of data management processes, and at the same time helps in avoiding vendor lock-in.


Denodo Platform Architecture Diagram

Denodo Platform Differentiators

Unified and easy-to-use modern web user interface with single-sign-on to securely empower more of your team members to contribute to and get value from data assets.

Lightning-fast query response through a proprietary smart query optimizer, dynamic caching and an AI-powered query acceleration engine.

Integrated Data Catalog of live, real-time data to provide a business-friendly way to find, access, curate and put trusted data to work with full lineage, metadata and governance.

High Productivity No-code/ Low-code Visual Design Studio with which to develop data views and data services by quickly combining data from more than 150 source systems with pre-built and optimized adapters ranging from traditional sources to the latest cloud and big data databases and applications.

Modern data services layer with automated, no-code creation and deployment of data APIs using the latest standards (OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData 4 and GraphQL) to speed the creation of data apps.

Advanced Semantic Layer for data discovery, search and classification, and security and governance, using advanced features such as tags, endorsements, comments, activity usage etc.

Semantic Security Policies to globally manage access control globally (masking, encryption, data restrictions, etc.) using security classifications, glossary terms and tags in security policies.

Automated cloud infrastructure management for rapid deployment of the Denodo Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by simplifying DevOps including launching cloud instances and clusters based on images and configuring security, load-balancing and auto-scaling parameters.

Available to try and purchase on leading cloud marketplaces including AWS, Azure and GCP.

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