Cybersecurity Week 2020: The winners are…

Discover the awarded: CISO of the Year, DPO of the Year, Most Promising Young Talents of the Year, Best Paper at hack.lu and Best Cybersecurity Solution of the Year

November 2, 2020

CISO of the Year

The Award goes to Stéphane Bianchin, CISO at Banque Raiffeisen. “The award, as much as it brings honour to the person, also carries a lot of responsibility with it to ensure that you continue with the best practices, helping within the ecosystem and building relations with other throughout this time”, Stéphane Bianchin said.

Before giving it to him, Jelena Zelenovic Matone, the president of the Jury, said, “In a nutshell, it is a quite rewarding award, and the experience of being the CISO of the year is absolutely nothing that I would’ve changed ever!”


DPO of the Year

The award goes to Eric Bedell, DPO of Franklin Templeton.

When receiving the Award, Eric Bedell declared he “gives a lot of value to the DPO of the Year award as it is bestowed by peers.”

Stéphane Omnes, DPO of POST Luxembourg, underlined that “DPO had to manage new challenges due to the health situation.” with one key focus: “How to grant the security of employees and customers with respect of their privacy?”

Most Promising Young Talents of the Year

The Award goes to Lëtz Cybersecurity Team represented by Eric Wagner, Team Captain. The Coaches are Mike Lorang and Alain Krier.

The Team:

  • Eric Wagner (Captain)
  • Henri Ahola
  • Mika Beckerich
  • Samir Bouchama
  • Frank Broy
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Philippe Parage
  • Tim Peiffer
  • Pol Thill
  • Lucas Viegas Milani

The national team has been awarded by François Thill, the Cybersecurity Director of the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg. For the second time, this initiative has brought together young people from 15 to 25 years old interested in security and ready to compete with their European peers during an event organised by the European cybersecurity agency, ENISA, and the European Commission.

Best Paper at hack.lu

The Award goes to Didier Stevens, Senior Analyst & Toolsmith at NVISO.

He has been rewarded not only for his work at hack.lu, but also for his long commitment and contribution to the information security community.

One of the pillars of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is the hack.lu, an international conference of information security experts created by Alexandre Dulaunoy, Lead Security Researcher at CIRCL. The Best Paper highlights a professional who has submitted an incredible project and this edition is special as the physical conference was substituted by a book. Among all the applicants, Didier Stevens has been awarded for his long term involvement in hack.lu and overall commitment to the security community.

Best Cybersecurity Solution of the Year

The award goes to for T.A.K. Client by BUILD38 represented by Christoph Brecht.

The award has been handed over by Koen Maris, Cybersecurity Director of PwC Luxembourg. PwC Luxembourg was one of the first few companies to support the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg and remains a key sponsor of the campaign throughout the different editions.

Source : https://www.cybersecurityweek.lu/

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