Clearstream International goes live with AIM Software’s GAIN Golden Copy

AIM Software, a leading provider of reference data management solutions […]

November 17, 2009

AIM Software, a leading provider of reference data management solutions to the financial industry, today announced that Clearstream International, went live with the golden copy solution of AIM Software. GAIN is deployed as a central pricing master at Clearstream carrying out the daily pricing of more than one million securities based on a comprehensive rule framework and the integration of more than ten pricing sources. The project went live after only seven months.

Clearstream International, the International Central Securities Depositary (ICSD) part of Deutsche Börse Group, ensures that cash and securities are promptly and effectively delivered between trading parties. It also manages, safekeeps and administers the securities that it holds on behalf of its customers. Due to the high market volatility, it became necessary for Clear-stream to increase the pricing coverage, pricing timeliness and quality with a central data management solution that could be seamlessly and swiftly integrated into its existing IT environment.

The decision for AIM Software’s GAIN Golden Copy solution followed a comparative analysis of proven data management suites on the market. Clearstream chose GAIN for its broad connectivity to 15+ data feeds and its strong rule framework as well as the quick implementation time. “We were looking for a proven pricing master with comprehensive business logic and a connectivity to a wide range of data sources”, explains Jean-Marie Piquard, ”The state of the art GAIN Golden Copy platform meets our current needs and gives us the flexibility we need for the future.”

Following the definition of the required business logic, the entire pricing master integration was realized in only 7 months and went live in mid October. This rapid deployment became possible by GAIN’s standard sets of mappings, workflows and rules as well as predefined processes derived from the know-how of AIM Software’s previous projects. The international custodian is thus able to benefit from a comprehensive rule framework with a fine tuned pricing workflow that facilitates the daily pricing of more than one million securities, which enables Clearstream to achieve a higher STP rate.

The transparency of the platform allows Clearstream International to remain independent after the finalization of the project. “The business logic created in this project allows Clearstream to create its own rules, mappings and workflows in a graphical GUI”, notes Josef Sommeregger, Vice President Business Development and Sales at AIM Software.”The transparent and easy definition of the business logic will allow the customer to become independent in the extension and maintenance of the logic in accordance with future needs.”

“We are pleased to welcome Clearstream to our extensive customer pool,” concludes Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing and Sales at AIM Software. “With GAIN, we have always been aiming at providing a constantly growing data management platform whose evolution benefits the entire client community. Thus, Clearsteam profits from the experience retrieved from more than 108 implementations, which all helped to reduce the overall data management efforts for our clients.”

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