Cetrel Securities wins its first customer in Singapore with its UCITSCheck solution

Cetrel Securities, a specialist in providing ASP services to financial […]

March 4, 2010

Cetrel Securities, a specialist in providing ASP services to financial institutions with more than 20 active clients using the service has acquired its first customer in Singapore.

Being a regulated company controlled by the Luxembourg Financial Markets Authority, Cetrel Securities, a subsidiary of the Luxembourg based Cetrel S.A., focuses on the provision of outsourced services in the area of pricing, reference data and corporate actions management to financial institutions. Since 2008, Cetrel Securities has put strong emphasis on added value services in the Compliance area.

Through Cetrel Securities’ UCITSCheck solution, Compliance departments of Asset Managers, Custodians or Fund Central Administrations are able to automate a process which is usually very manual: to analyse the eligibility status of instruments composing UCITS funds. Carlo Houblie, Executive Vice President of Cetrel Securities explains: “The UCITS directive provides rulings and guidelines for pre- and post trade checks to be done by UCITS compliant investment funds in relation with instruments acquired for the fund’s underlying assets. The aim of UCITS is to guarantee that the underlying portfolio constituents of a regulated fund are risk-transparent and liquid.

Cetrel Securities has developed a specific set of rules mapping the UCITS eligibility assessment decision trees to an external data feed. The client generates an ad-hoc request originated by the trading or compliance environment, which is sent to Cetrel Securities who, in return, will calculate an eligibility flag to be sent to the Compliance system of the Customer.”
Thanks to a 24/7 support and to a strong infrastructure, Cetrel Securities is able to operate customers all around the world. After Europe and the US, Cetrel Securities is proud to announce its first Asian customer in Singapore.
“We are extremely pleased to acquire our first Asian customer, a Singapore based Asset Manager” concludes Renaud Oury, Executive Vice President of Cetrel Securities. “The Compliance department of this Asset Manager is located in Singapore and they need to review the eligibility status of a Luxembourg domiciled fund. We are convinced that our expertise will help our client to increase the quality of the eligibility analysis and in the meantime increase the STP rate of a usually very manual process. “

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