Carnegie Investment Bank selects VPD Attribution and VPD GIPS & Composites part of the product series VPD Risk & Performance

Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) is a leading independent investment […]

June 15, 2009

Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) is a leading independent investment bank. The division Carnegie Asset Management offers high-quality asset management products to institutional fund managers and mutual funds. Carnegie’s strength lies in a long tradition of active asset management, experienced investment teams and strong products based on an analysis-driven, structured and focused investment strategy.

To meet demands of a unified solution for the asset management division, gaining efficiency in the operations and enhancing reporting facilities the software solution VPD GIPS & Composites, part of VPD Risk & Performance, was chosen. Also integrated in the solution is the new version of VPD Attribution that has been chosen to facilitate on-line analytics and reporting of performance attribution based on a number of attribution models.

“We are convinced this modern platform, especially through straight through processing, will improve the data quality and also allow for more advanced performance analytics throughout the business”, says Henrik Gustafsson, Project Manager at Carnegie Asset Management.

The implementation will be initiated immediately and the first phase is planned to be completed and go live during the Summer 2009.

“VPD has served Carnegie for many years. We are very proud to also deliver the latest version of our licensed product series, VPD Risk & Performance, as a solution for GIPS compliance and composite management, performance measurement and performance attribution to meet requirements in a field where our competence is especially profound”, says Johan Lundman, Managing Director at VPD Financial Software Consulting Ltd.

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