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Marc Kirsch was part of the Exigo's project to update the existing iPhone application. His new Android application is now available. Let's meet a new and young enabler in Exigo's team.

June 30, 2015

Marc Kirsch was part of the Exigo’s project to update the existing iPhone application. His new Android application is now available. Let’s meet a new and young enabler in Exigo’s team.

What was your mission during your internship ?

As a part of my school program, we had to search an enterprise in IT to gain experience. A project was mandatory. exigo s.a. is a consulting and advisory company in the finance and IT sector. They gave me the opportunity to build an entire mobile application. My job was to translate the existing iPhone application created by Aurélien Didier Senior Consultant at exigo s.a. into a native Android one. The new Android application has new features integrated.

Why has exigo decided to create a mobile application ?

Exigo aims at facilitating the job search process and shorten the distance between headhunters and candidates. exigo has a deep knowledge in software development and it was natural that the software department helps the sourcing’s one developing this tailored solution.

The concept is that each candidate is able to reply to a job offer (posted on exigo’s website) in 2 finger taps. exigo’s headhunters will then take contact with applicants for further steps of the candidate selection process.

Plus, as it has been designed to use standard RSS feeds, used by most of job publishing websites, this app can be sold to exigo’s customers who desire advertising their job offers with their own mobile app.

What is the functionality of the application?

The application was created to help exigo’s sourcing & recruitment team to publish the current offers and find new candidates. exigo s.a. doesn’t only do Consulting and
advisory but also sourcing & recruitment in the finance and IT sector.

The users of the application can check the offers, read the details of the offers and make contact with exigo s.a. After the offers are loaded, it is possible to read the offers without Internet. We added a filter and a search option to make the search easier.

How and where to download this app ?

The application can be found in the Google Play market. In the search field enter “Exigo Jobs” to find the application. After installing the application it is ready to use.

Is the application free?

Yes, the application is totally free. No hidden fees or cost.

What did you learn in your internship?

I learned how to manage my own project with the help of my mentor Aurélien Didier.
I started the development for Android only a short time before my internship. The internship gave me the possibility to gain a lot of experience and see the professional world.
I saw a lot of different subjects in the Android development. I saw the basics of an application but also how to work with SQLite and how to check Internet connectivity.
The internship opened my eyes and my new goals are to study a bit longer to become a highly skilled developer in the futur.

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