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In 2010 Banque LBLux entrusted the management of elements of […]

June 26, 2013

In 2010 Banque LBLux entrusted the management of elements of its infrastructure to Dimension Data through a managed services contract.

‘Strategies sometimes find a way to work themselves out,’ says Claude Roeltgen, CIO of Banque LBLux. ‘That’s what happened to us when we started our managed services contract with Dimension Data. In 2009, due to some organisational changes, we wondered if we should focus on internal recruitment or instead, seize the opportunity to entrust part of our operations to an external partner.’ Increasingly complex IT requirements and an ever-larger perimeter make it difficult for small and medium enterprises to support business needs with reduced means. ‘We therefore opted for an external provider to provide managed services,’ says Claude Roeltgen. ‘Dimension Data aligned best to our requirements. Both our companies were of a similar size, and we shared common values. If you ask a huge market player for help, you will certainly be guaranteed quality of service, but you also run the risk of getting entangled in complex procedures, and having little influence on what’s happening next. If you approach a niche player, you risk crushing it under the weight of your demands. It is therefore essential to find a partner company that looks like yours, in terms of both size and flexibility.’

Thus in 2010, LBLux subscribed to Dimension Data’s service offering for LAN, WAN, security components, Web, email and desktop software delivery.

After three years of a fruitful collaboration, LBLux’s relationship with Dimension Data is set to expand further. ‘We concluded our first three-year partnership and we are now in the process of upgrading,’ says Claude Roeltgen. ‘We need to update our IT infrastructure, which is nearing end of life. Just as we did in the past, we could decide to make important investments… or to acquire a service instead. This is our cloud / infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) sourcing project.’

By selecting Dimension Data’s IaaS solution, LBLux can now focus on IT capacity management. Claude Roeltgen adds: ‘We are also gaining flexibility and the cost remains lower than what we would have invested in another solution. With Dimension Data’s solution, we can get more, at a lower price.’

The project’s growth relies on ongoing collaboration between the two parties. ‘We have the same issues, the same preoccupations. Both partners bring topics for discussion to the table,’ says Claude Roeltgen. ‘We are leading several projects at the same time and, even as a middle-sized, Luxembourg based bank, we face challenges identical to the bigger banks.’

Dimension Data will be powering LBLux’s IaaS strategy. ‘We trust that our relationship will take us to the next level. We want to have a central partner. If we didn’t, we would need to ensure coherence and act as a go-between with various IaaS providers. Obviously, we are going to expand our capacity with Dimension Data, since our previous results are good!’ says Claude Roeltgen. ‘We are facing a paradigm shift and we must admit that today, we can no longer work with methods inspired from the past.’

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