Banque de Luxembourg Accelerates the Avaloq Banking System Roll-out with UC4 Software

Banque de Luxembourg has successfully deployed the UC4 Automation Engine […]

June 29, 2010

Banque de Luxembourg has successfully deployed the UC4 Automation Engine of UC4, a provider of Intelligent Service Automation and IT process optimization solutions to automate management and monitoring of its Avaloq Banking System (ABS) workloads. Using Avaloq with UC4 to support core banking and satellite systems, the bank will benefit from an integrated automation solution that also enhances and stabilizes its complex software release management processes.

“At Banque de Luxembourg our mission is to offer a scalable common banking platform capable of supporting growth of our branch network that can also be dynamic and responsive to changing trading conditions. With UC4 we get visibility and control of the underlying Avaloq processing. We can also manage the cloning, saving and rebuilding of around 50 Avaloq databases we need to run frequently to support new releases. This would be impossible for 3 people to handle without UC4,” said Alain Feyereisen, Systems Analyst, Banque de Luxembourg.

Avaloq users receive frequent software updates which enable banks to remain compliant with industry regulations, For Banque de Luxembourg, UC4 automates the roll-out of these updates, as well as the on-going distribution of development enhancements across nearly 50 Avaloq database instances. With UC4, the time required for these tasks has been cut by 80 percent.

“Increasingly, financial institutions like Banque de Luxembourg are seeing the advantage of connecting their Avaloq systems with other surrounding systems. Customers gain new insights that allow them to become more predictive and responsive when managing a dynamic IT workload. These are crucial factors in an on-line, on-demand industry sector where changes happening 24×7 can have a direct impact on the bottom line,” said Stefan Zeitzen, senior vice president, Continental Europe, UC4 Software.

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