Banksys goes live with Optial Business Intelligence

ATOS Worldline (formerly Banksys and BCC), the Belgian specialist in […]

November 27, 2009

ATOS Worldline (formerly Banksys and BCC), the Belgian specialist in end-to-end secure payment systems and payment processing, has gone live with Optial Business Intelligence to support their audit & risk management reporting and data analytics requirements.

ATOS Worldline sa/nv upgraded their Optial system to incorporate Optial Business Intelligence (OBI) to enable them to replace their previous audit statistics and to provide more flexibility around reporting and analysis of loss events and risks across the organisation.

Traditionally a limited set of reports had been produced using complex Excel spreadsheets, which was rather time consuming for the auditors and not very flexible. The flexibility of OBI enables the generation and saving of these reports within minutes, as well as for allowing for deeper analysis of audit related data held within Optial.

For auditors, it is now easy to keep track of elapsed time for audits to be completed, including completion of all audit findings and actions and to identify areas of the business where problems are typically encountered. This allows more proactive time to be spent in problem areas.

For operational risk management, the ability to select any dimension in the OBI browsers to report on and analyse trends for loss events and risks enables greater tracking across the business of the effectiveness of the loss event data capture, resolution times and an greater understanding of the financial impact of these events. This is a major benefit for ATOS Worldline sa/nv as the use of OBI means they can build any reports they need to monitor and manage their events, risks, and audits processes across the business as a whole and drill down for analysis purposes to departmental level.

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