Banking IT Providers and Other Bet Their Business on Open Source Solutions

Three new enterprise customers that have deployed their mission-critical infrastructure […]

June 26, 2009

Three new enterprise customers that have deployed their mission-critical infrastructure on end-to-end open source solutions provided by Ingres Corporation, the open source database company distributed in Europe by the luxembourg VAD Arsys. Biveroni Batschelet Partners AG (BBP), Allied Express, and Connected Weddings have migrated to solutions based on Ingres Database, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and JBoss Enterprise Middleware. This combination of open source solutions is enabling enterprises like these three companies to deploy Java applications on leading commercial open source infrastructure software. The combined stack gives enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) a low-cost alternative to proprietary application development. Open source solutions continue to cut costs out of the datacenter while providing IT departments with the performance, reliability and world-class support they need to continue to innovate and grow their business.

“In a world of tight IT budgets customers are taking a hard look at the unnecessary license fees that they pay to proprietary vendors of operating systems, application servers, and databases,” said Roger Burkhardt, CEO, Ingres.“Globally, IT organizations spend upwards of $10 billion each year on license fees and have found that they can cut costs and still innovate if they deploy on a full open source infrastructure stack. These enterprise customers confidently rely on Ingres and Red Hat to provide enterprise class support for their deployments.”

Biveroni Batschelet Partners AG (BBP)
BBP is an integrated software and solution vendor specializing in the integration of interbank applications. BBP uses Ingres Database as part of an in-house Java and open source application stack, which also includes Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Middleware to secure 24×7 continuous interbank connections.

“Financial institutions place their absolute trust and the success of their day-to-day business processes directly into our hands,” says Amir Housseini, CTO, BBP. “Given the sensitivity of our application and the underlying data, we require an application infrastructure that can meet extremely stringent requirements, especially for security and availability.We’ve always relied on open source software components to reduce application development costs, and Ingres and JBoss are commercially proven, have been tested, and work together. Furthermore, Ingres and Red Hat have long-term track records of successful enterprise deployments – that matters when you’re dealing with business-critical information that must be secure and reliable in every moment.”

Connected Weddings
Connected Weddings has adopted Ingres Database to run the premier wedding planning application for Facebook. New Gravity Ventures built the Connected Weddings site on reliable and proven open source software comprising Ingres Database, Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Middleware, and the Alfresco content management platform.

“New Gravity Ventures can achieve optimal ROI due to zero licensing fees, minimal compatibility testing, and is able to focus on content and innovation rather than software costs,” said Dan Kerzner, CEO, New Gravity Ventures.

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