A unique conference dedicated to the challenges of eJustice

On June 13th, the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg and the Italo-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Net Service, will be hosting an exceptional conference on the digital transformation of the justice system, with a particular focus on the deployment of AI at national and European level.

June 11, 2024

Luxembourg is home to several of Europe’s most important judicial institutions, including the Court of Justice of the European Union. Net Service, an Italian company specialized in eJustice, that is, the digital transformation of judicial administrations, has also made Luxembourg the platform for the internationalization of its business.

Following the successful implementation of several technological integration projects within the Italian justice system, Net Service has now put its expertise at the service of European judicial institutions looking to adopt a digital approach.

Discussing the challenges of eJustice

The issues involved in the digital transformation of legal institutions and the legal profession are as important as they are complex to grasp. To shed light on these issues, the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg and the Italo-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Net Service, will be holding a special conference on the subject. The conference will be held in Luxembourg, in the Helix building, headquarters of the POST group, on June 13th, from 2pm.

« The aim of this afternoon is to address all the stakeholders in the justice system, at both national and European level, including political leaders, the various judicial institutions and their representatives, and law firms”, explains Cristiano Morganti, CEO of Net Service, who is supporting the event. During the presentations, we hope to address a number of issues relating to the challenges of using digital technology in the justice sector, as well as highlighting best practice in the field of eJustice.»

eJustice through several case studies

Through several use cases, guests will be able to appreciate the benefits and challenges of making better use of technology to effectively manage files, hearings and all related documentation of legal value.

The challenges of AI at the heart of the judicial system

The conference will also host a round table dedicated to the issues associated with the deployment of artificial intelligence at the heart of the judicial system. Discussions at this level are likely to cover ethical considerations as well as challenges relating to security or the preservation of data security.

« Already today, and increasingly in the future, A.I. has various applications in the field of e-Justice. From the point of view of professionals, it enables lawyers to better process documents or assess the chances of a favorable outcome to a legal action.

If we look at the Courts and tribunals, technology can support the consistency of decisions taken by judges, for example by identifying similar cases tried in the past, continues Cristiano Morganti.

A third technological application will involve the translation of legal documents, particularly within international institutions. The challenge here is to guarantee the validity of the translated documents while avoiding any problems of interpretation and execution. »

«These issues are currently the subject of a number of key questions, comments Cristiano Morganti. While technology is an essential ally in helping to improve the judicial system, particularly through the dematerialization of documents and the improvement of procedures and processing, its integration must be considered in a responsible and sustainable way. We are proud to be working alongside players in the legal sector at the heart of this reflection, in the projects we support on a daily basis as well as at this unique conference. It is through these exchanges that we can better understand technology and put it at the service of justice. »

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