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Unlike all the other articles on this subject, we will […]

March 7, 2011

Unlike all the other articles on this subject, we will not introduce you the concepts and definition of Cloud Computing but rather show you how Oracle – with our complete solution offering – can help you to adapt your IT to this new business world. Oracle is the only player in the market not pushing a given paradigm like public or private cloud, or IaaS, SaaS or PaaS, but instead focusing on your business needs. Uniquely, we can accommodate all aspects of cloud definition; technology for private and public infrastructures, partnership with public cloud infrastructures as well as our very own Oracle Ondemand SaaS offering.

At Oracle we understand we need to help customers to adopt these new computing models. This adoption follows a natural evo- lution path : from complex tangle of silos of technologies and architectural complexity that we used to have in IT, we evolved first to standardization in the datacenter which gave us operational efficiency. Later came consolidation, first using physical consolida- tion – the easiest – then storage consolidation, and finally application and data consolidation – the toughest. With cloud computing we are moving to “IT as a service”, where computing services are agile and contribute to the core business objectives.

Oracle Cloud Computing strategy is develo- ped around four axes:

• Ensure that cloud computing is fully
enterprise grade – Oracle provides enterprise grade technology for high performance, reliability, scalability, availability, security and portability/ interoperability all based on standards.

• Support both public and private clouds to give customer choice – Organizations are adopting different deployment models for cloud computing for different applications
at different rates of speed, so Oracle supports customers no matter what type of cloud or non-cloud they choose.

• Deliver most complete PaaS and IaaS product offerings – Oracle provides the most complete portfolio of software and hardware products to enable organizations to build, deploy and manage public and private PaaS and IaaS. A key element of Oracle’s strategy is to offer the Oracle PaaS Platform, which is discussed
in more detail later in this paper.

• Develop and enable rich SaaS
offering – Oracle offers a very broad portfolio of horizontal and industry applications that are deployed in either a private shared services environment or in a public SaaS model.

Oracle is the only vendor offering a complete stack of solutions including storage, server, operating systems, virtualization, databases, application grid, SOA and Business Pro- cesses Management, User Interaction and Identity Management as well as industry ver- tical solutions for finance, healthcare, retail, telco, etc.
Going one step further from these optimized solutions, we do provide today a whole new offering of integrated systems with Oracle Exadata and Exalogic. Both come as a com- plete set of integrated hard- and software, ordered as one item, integrated and tes- ted together. They operate as black boxes delivering services in your private cloud. Exadata is a database engine with unrivaled performance in an Oracle 11g R2 database environment.

Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an integrated system with Oracle Fusion Middleware running on top of Oracle Linux or Solaris, providing JavaTM applications with extreme performance and scalability. Both systems together provide you with a complete private cloud in two racks.

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